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Flower Care

Flower Care

When you purchase flowers they must be fresh. Once a flower is cut from the field by professional growers it will only have a very specific to variety vase life.

Purchasing open full blooming flowers maybe required some times and may look nice but its vase life will be very limited as the aging process has already started.

Flowers harvested in bud with minimal colour showing and purchased at this state gives you greater opportunity to watch them naturally bloom over considerably longer periods.

Most flowers, if purchased fresh can survive out of water for even up to 24 hours without affecting its vase life.
However, the sooner you can rehydrate your flowers the better.

Flower Preparation

Carefully remove any protective wrap from your flowers and remove any leaves or foliage from each stem that would potentially be in the water of your water vessel.
Some flowers, like roses will have protective petals which may be blemished or marked on the outside of the flower so carefully pluck these off.
With sharp clean cutters cut approx 3cm off the bottom of the stem as the bottom of the stems may have sealed naturally to retain its own moisture.  The cut can be on an angle which gives more surface to absorb water for rehydration.
You can now place the flowers into your water vessel.
You can repeat this process every 3 to 4 days.

Vase Preparation

Most people who struggle with doing their own vase flowers probably have the wrong shape or sized vase for the flowers/foliage.
Try and have a vase approximately ½ the height of your flowers to assist with your creating.

Upon receipt of your fresh flowers prepare your vase or water vessel with a bleach rinse, of approx a tablespoon per litre.  Tip this rinse out leaving the residue in the vessel, then fill with warm to hot fresh water to a level that will finally immerse your flower stems by approx 15cm.