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We are your New Zealand online flower experts

We are Dave and Cushla, a husband and wife team who proudly own and operate Central Flowers Wholesalers. 
We have been trading for 22 years as flower wholesalers to trade florists, supermarkets and wedding planners all over New Zealand.
Our passion and drive comes from a great love of all flowers.  There are many reasons why you should have fresh flowers for all occasions.  We are sure that over many years our flowers have consoled many hearts in so many different ways and in so many different environments.

How do we find the best flowers at the best prices in New Zealand?

We're dedicated to getting our customers the best flowers at the best prices. We are up at the crack of dawn to source flowers for you. 

We source our flower range direct from growers all over New Zealand. We also have agents that buy flowers from larger flower auctions three days per week. The flowers we buy are delivered to us overnight, via cooler transport guaranteeing us fresh supplies at all times for sale.

Wide range of flower varieties

A fantastic purpose built large walk in cooler keeps our flowers fresh and free from the elements that reduce the life of the flower. You can purchase direct from our cooler fresh range by visiting us. The choices are amazing.

We source most of our flowers fresh, direct from growers all over NZ to ensure they are freshly picked at the right time to give the recipient flowers that last way more than a few days.
We believe the beauty in flowers can only truly be appreciated by watching them bloom over many days, if not weeks for some flower varieties.

You no longer need to spend money on expensive fancy wraps and bows when purchasing your flowers. Now when you purchase from us, your money all goes toward the flowers not these throw away accessories. International trends are proving the delight is in the flowers, not the wrapping.

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DIY flowers for weddings
and special events

Are you looking for beautiful affordable flowers for your wedding or a special occasion?  We supply a large variety of cut flowers all year round for DIY flower arrangements. Check out what is in season now. 
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